New Music Monday: Martin Garrix ft. Justin Mylo & Dewain Whitemore – “Burn Out”

Not a ton of choices like last week…but Martin Garrix put out a poppy fun song that’ll get you to dance, or help you chill…whatever – the fact Garrix can go either way with his songs is what makes him great. He could have a banger with his single High On Life and then chill out on the next. This is a good in-between.

I really like the piano in the verses, and how the vocalist Dewain Whitemore helps build up to the drop. It reminds me of a Waiting For Love by Avicii.

This song has the potentially to have some really good remixes.

PS Why can’t I go on this kinda adventure every time I do laundry? Can someone create a bar based off this music video? k thanks.