Cover It Up: Alec Benjamin – “Stan”

This was my thought process when I heard this song:

  1. Oh he’s singing the chorus this is awesome
  2. Wait he’s rapping too! WHAT?!?
  3. This reminds me of when he sorta raps in If We Had Each Other
  4. When I heard that song I immediately started making Ed Sheeran comparisons. Like he’s a mix of Ed Sheeran & Shawn Mendes but leans a bit more towards Shawn. This confirms my comparison – he’s trying to be America’s Ed (he’s from Phoenix)
  5. Wait he didn’t do all 4 verses – I’m legit mad…I feel like I got robbed
  6. The last verse he made up was kinda cool…I guess…I really wanted to hear him do that 4th verse – it’s one of the greatest hip hop verses of all time

Look it’s not as good as the original…but nothing ever will be and this is a different take. I give him credit.

New Music Monday: Logic – The Return

If I were ever to introduce Logic to somebody, I’d show them this song. Sure 1-800 is his big mainstream hit, but you don’t hear how good his flow can be or what influences him. It’s too much of a pop song to respect him as a rapper.

It wasn’t until I saw his episode of Netflix’s Rapture that I really grew to like and respect the guy. He’s the ONLY guy out here who cares more about preaching positive vibes instead of rap-beefs (a literal lyric in this song). Logic is doing something nobody else has done before: he’s built a career rapping about Peace, Love and Positivity.

For every song about his messed up childhood, there’s a song about some sort of social change. To see where he’s come from and what he’s doing now is amazing. Got a lot of love for him.

His flow is insane in The Return, reminds me of Childish Gambino or Big Sean. The best part might be the Nina Simone Sample…or maybe it’s the La-Di-Da-Di Slick Rick mention in the first verse (which isn’t new as Mark Ronson points out)…Or maybe it’s the reference to Eminem’s Stan (Also not new)Or maybe it’s because he makes a pun out of Robert Dinero, (Also not new…)…Or maybe it’s when he calls out Mumble Rappers in the 3rd verse (he’s joins Eminem in the battle)…Or maybe it’s his mention of Outkast’s So Fresh and So Clean and Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M. and Kanye West’s Heartless in Verse 3…Or maybe it’s the uplifting Chorus backed by more lyrics of peace, love and positivity


For the record I point out that maybe none of the things I love about about this song are “new” or “original” ideas, but that doesn’t matter. A song doesn’t need to be 100% original to be good. I’m a big fan of an artist looking back on history and making these references, showing what their exact influences are. Logic – you will always have my respect.

Shout out to my boy Justin who told me to watch Rapture…great show