#Throwback Thursday: The Doors – “Five To One”

On this day in 1970 The Doors recorded what would become of my my favorite live albums of all time: Absolutely Live. Listening to this album was when I truly fell in love with The Doors – their studio stuff felt like short radio hits…but Live. HOLY FUCK Robby Wailing blues solos, Ray’s organ pops and Jim’s screaming and personality takes center stage in a way none of their studio albums had ever done.

When The Music’s Over & Celebration of the Lizard found a home on this album…but Five to One – its just so perfect.

#Throwback Thursday: The Beatles – Abbey Road Medley

This date back in 1969 Abbey Road went #1. I’ve always considered it the Last Beatles Album. Let It Be is technically last, but it didn’t have that feel of a Beatles album. I’ve thought of it as Abbey Road’s The End as the perfect way to end the band, “the love you take is equal to the love you make”, and then Let It Be came out after they broke up and it felt like a message to fans like “hey it’s over, just let it be”…

Abbey Road is one of the greatest albums of all time, and the medley is a HUGE reason why. Side 2 might be my favorite side to a record all time. It just brings the listener through all these emotions and ends you with this peace. It feels like a finality when it’s over.

Come Together, Something, Oh! Darling all amazing songs, but The Medley feels like a work of art:

#Throwback Thursday: Aerosmith – “Mama Kin”

I maybe be a little too excited to see my all time favorite band in for their Vegas Residency: Deuces Are Wild! Seeing Aerosmith perform this on Fallon has me pumped! It’s such an underrated song. Fast paced fun and raw!