Hey my name is Jeff, and welcome to my Blog: Jeff’s Jukebox. This is simply a collection of songs and artists I enjoy very much. That’s it.

So what makes me qualified to have a music blog? Nothing – Anyone (As Araon Sorkin puts it) can be apart of the Nocturnal Nut Brigade, a Pajama Person…

But I do work in the industry. I’m an On-Air Personality for 102.5 WFMF, a Top 40 Pop Radio Station in Baton Rouge Louisiana and 104.1 The Spot, a 70’s/80’s “We Play Anything” Station in New Orleans. I’m also the Program Director which means I get to choose what songs play, when they play and how often they play.

I grew up listening to Classic Rock and the first radio station I worked for was Q104.3 New York’s Home For Classic Rock. By College I was listening to more Alternative and was Music Director and an On-Air Personality of WVBR, Ithaca’s Real Rock (or something like that…) an Alternative/Classic Rock hybrid station. Once I started working for my first pop station, 104.3 MYFM in Los Angeles I got really into Pop music. I also was the music director for iHeart Radio’s Coffeeshop Radio focusing on AAA and Singer/Songwriters. I also worked for Big Boy’s Neighborhood for a year where I dove in deep to Modern Hip-Hop (for the record I’ve always been into Old-School Hip-Hop, but this just feels like the most opportune time to mention it). I lived in Los Angeles form 2013-2017 where my passion for EDM showed me a world I never knew existed. Finally this brings me to Baton Rouge, which is a city where Country rains supreme, so I have now dabbled into a bit of Country.

All of these passions: Classic Rock, Alternative, Pop, Singer/Songwriters, Hip-Hop, EDM, and even Country will all be on display on this blog. My goal is to introduce you to one of my favorite songs, that hopefully will put a smile on your face and maybe even convince you to become a fan. Enjoy and feel free to hit me up to request songs/artists to feature on the blog.