Cover It Up: Alec Benjamin – “Stan”

This was my thought process when I heard this song:

  1. Oh he’s singing the chorus this is awesome
  2. Wait he’s rapping too! WHAT?!?
  3. This reminds me of when he sorta raps in If We Had Each Other
  4. When I heard that song I immediately started making Ed Sheeran comparisons. Like he’s a mix of Ed Sheeran & Shawn Mendes but leans a bit more towards Shawn. This confirms my comparison – he’s trying to be America’s Ed (he’s from Phoenix)
  5. Wait he didn’t do all 4 verses – I’m legit mad…I feel like I got robbed
  6. The last verse he made up was kinda cool…I guess…I really wanted to hear him do that 4th verse – it’s one of the greatest hip hop verses of all time

Look it’s not as good as the original…but nothing ever will be and this is a different take. I give him credit.

Author: Jeff Haber

Producer for iHeartMedia LA, who has a passion for music.

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