New Music Monday: The Kooks – Kids

One of my favorites, The Kooks are back with another album! I might need to do an entire in-depth article about their discography but for now here’s the title track from their album released this past Friday. While this isn’t their best album, there’s some really fun songs that sound like they belong on the Kooks’ first album Inside In/Inside Out. This album reminds me a lot of Junk of The Heart in that only about half the album is solid, which unlike Inside In/Inside Out, Konk and Listen, had an entire album full of great songs with very few “ehh” songs.

If you don’t have time to sit through the entire album. here’s the list of Good Songs on the Album:

I love this band so much all of those songs might make my end of the year Top 100 List…

But this article is here to talk about the song Kids – which is a ton of fun. I could definitely see them opening their sets with it. Very energetic, uplifting, it rocks and it gets the crowd involved right away. The references to The Who (“The Kids Are Not Alright”) and the lyric “I’m not trying to be what you want me to be” sounds like it was written right after listening to Quadrophenia. Wait for the drum breakdown with the background vocals singing – best part of the song.  It’s so much fun. It rocksLove love love.

Author: Jeff Haber

Producer for iHeartMedia LA, who has a passion for music.

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