Cover It Up: Alec Benjamin – “Stan”

This was my thought process when I heard this song:

  1. Oh he’s singing the chorus this is awesome
  2. Wait he’s rapping too! WHAT?!?
  3. This reminds me of when he sorta raps in If We Had Each Other
  4. When I heard that song I immediately started making Ed Sheeran comparisons. Like he’s a mix of Ed Sheeran & Shawn Mendes but leans a bit more towards Shawn. This confirms my comparison – he’s trying to be America’s Ed (he’s from Phoenix)
  5. Wait he didn’t do all 4 verses – I’m legit mad…I feel like I got robbed
  6. The last verse he made up was kinda cool…I guess…I really wanted to hear him do that 4th verse – it’s one of the greatest hip hop verses of all time

Look it’s not as good as the original…but nothing ever will be and this is a different take. I give him credit.

New Music Monday: Galantis & OneRepublic – “Bones”

This feels more like a OneRepublic song than a Galantis song. This would be a big Hot AC song rather than an EDM club hit. Andy Grammer also gets a writing credit here, and you can definetly tell. The acoustic guitar and the build up in the chorus sounds a bit like his writing style for songs like Back Home & Honey I’m Good . I’m a big fan of all three teaming up

New Music Monday: Fletcher – “Undrunk”

Brand new artist Fletcher has a SUPER catchy Top 40 hit on her hands. She just signed to Capitol and has some major talent. I love her style of singing on the chorus of this and she’s got a great voice to go with it. Check out her song Wasted Youth if you’re like me and instantly needed to hear more of her songs to fall in love with. I still can’t put my finger on who she reminds me of (Tove Lo? Elley Duhe? idk)…which might be a good thing because it means she’s a bit unique. Very excited to see her explode and go to the top.

#Throwback Thursday: The Doors – “Five To One”

On this day in 1970 The Doors recorded what would become of my my favorite live albums of all time: Absolutely Live. Listening to this album was when I truly fell in love with The Doors – their studio stuff felt like short radio hits…but Live. HOLY FUCK Robby Wailing blues solos, Ray’s organ pops and Jim’s screaming and personality takes center stage in a way none of their studio albums had ever done.

When The Music’s Over & Celebration of the Lizard found a home on this album…but Five to One – its just so perfect.

New Music Monday: Walk The Moon – “Timebomb”

Out of all the songs on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist – this just seems to stick out. It’s high energy fun poppy and still has that slightly 80’s vibe that made Walk The Moon so popular to begin with (remember these guys who did Shut Up & Dance). I felt like What if Nothing went away from that vibe (not that it was bad but none of it was ever as good as Anna Sun or Shut Up & Dance or Tightrope or Shiver Shiver…holy shit I’m just remembering how good their debut album.) it’s good to hear their new single getting them back on track. Enjoy!


PS I’m now listening to their debut album and it’s bringing back so many college memories…crazy how music brings you back to a specific time and place. LOVE IT

#Throwback Thursday: The Beatles – Abbey Road Medley

This date back in 1969 Abbey Road went #1. I’ve always considered it the Last Beatles Album. Let It Be is technically last, but it didn’t have that feel of a Beatles album. I’ve thought of it as Abbey Road’s The End as the perfect way to end the band, “the love you take is equal to the love you make”, and then Let It Be came out after they broke up and it felt like a message to fans like “hey it’s over, just let it be”…

Abbey Road is one of the greatest albums of all time, and the medley is a HUGE reason why. Side 2 might be my favorite side to a record all time. It just brings the listener through all these emotions and ends you with this peace. It feels like a finality when it’s over.

Come Together, Something, Oh! Darling all amazing songs, but The Medley feels like a work of art:

New Music Monday: Logic – “100 Miles & Running”

Song is FIRE! This shows Logic can spit the the best and fastest rappers. The beat is incredible. I don’t know why but it reminds me of a 70’s New York City Vibe…

Actually come to think of it a few songs from his new album YSIV has that vibe like Wu Tang Forever The Return

Rip it up Young Sinatra.


New Music Monday: Martin Garrix ft. Justin Mylo & Dewain Whitemore – “Burn Out”

Not a ton of choices like last week…but Martin Garrix put out a poppy fun song that’ll get you to dance, or help you chill…whatever – the fact Garrix can go either way with his songs is what makes him great. He could have a banger with his single High On Life and then chill out on the next. This is a good in-between.

I really like the piano in the verses, and how the vocalist Dewain Whitemore helps build up to the drop. It reminds me of a Waiting For Love by Avicii.

This song has the potentially to have some really good remixes.

PS Why can’t I go on this kinda adventure every time I do laundry? Can someone create a bar based off this music video? k thanks.

Dance Break: Sigala/Meghan Trainor/French Montana/Ella Eyre – “Just Got Paid”

Woo-Woot! It’s Friday – Payday!! This is the perfect feel-good anthem. Sigala is back with summer upbeat vibes. From the funky guitar strumming to the build up in the incredibly catchy, simple chorus to the drop everything is fun. Even French’s rap verse is on point and fits really well into the song.  This is one of those songs I really hope would become a big hit, but it probably won’t (even with the star power of Meghan and French).

C’mon it’s Friday sing this with “I just got paid!”